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Sharon Tate

A loving tribute to the beautiful Sharon Tate:

Sharon Tate • Walking in wood ~ 1968 by hippo

Debra Tate, has just released a wonderful new book about her sister titled Sharon Tate: Recollections.  Please check it out.

Before there was MTV there were Scopitones

What the heck is a Scopitone?

From Wikipedia: Scopitone is a type of jukebox featuring a 16 mm film component. Scopitone films were a forerunner of music videos.

I Was A Yé Yé Girl

I Was A Yé Yé Girl by Doing Time is a super-groovy tribute to those wonderful French girl groups of the 60s and the bouncy music they made.  We think it's one of the best music videos ever!

Holy Catnip, Batman!

Check out this ultra-cool retro Barbie as Catwoman modeled after the character from the fun and funky 1960's hit TV show, Batman.

Let's Dance

Are you ready for some laughs?  Check out these classic TV show dance parties from the ’60s and 70s

And, if these weren't enough, check out this playlist of other cool compilations from  RetroTVCentral:

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