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Lynda Carter's Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy

The Devil's Daughters - Pass That Bottle Around

State of the Nation

Industry's State of the Nation is a beautiful song and a perfect representation of kick-ass '80s synth pop. Dig that hooky chorus!

Re-Flex - Freakin' Amazing '80s Synthpop Band

Check out this very cool video of Re-Flex performing Hit Line, a great song from one of the greatest new wave synthpop albums of the '80s, The Politics of Dancing.  That bassline just grooves, man!  Yeah!

Nightwish: Élan

This is Élan, a gorgeous new song and video from one of our favorite symphonic metal bands, Nightwish:

Sirens of Symphonic Metal

Bombastic and beautiful. Check out our video playlist of awesome female-fronted symphonic metal outfits. There is a lot to like. Equal parts thunderous, soaring, melodic and dark. We could do without the obligatory growling from the occasional male vocal contributor, though. It doesn't add a thing in our estimation and generally diminishes otherwise flawless musical gems.

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Takin' a trip back to the wild, wonderful '70s

Check out our Pan's People video playlist and relive the wild, wonderful 1970s:

Before there was MTV there were Scopitones

What the heck is a Scopitone?

From Wikipedia: Scopitone is a type of jukebox featuring a 16 mm film component. Scopitone films were a forerunner of music videos.

Classic Heart

Here are a few doses of 70s rock awesomeness courtesy of the Wilson sisters & company:

The Amazing Gregorian

Check out this awesome video of Gregorian in performance:

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